Research projects

Innovative products and processes

SP exSPerience
Project Manager: Britt Rahm

Cereal protein foams for materials and foods
Project Manager: Mats Stading

The VINN Excellence Center: Supramolecular biomaterials – Structure dynamics and properties
Project Manager: Niklas Lorén, Anne-Marie Hermansson

New vegetable foods with high protein content
Project manager: Kristin Sott

COATIM - Development of Antibiofilm Coatings for Implants
Project Manager: Annika Krona

SOFT Microscopy Center
Project Manager: Niklas Lorén, Annika Altskär, Camilla Öhgren, Anne-Marie Hermansson

FoodManufuture – a Conceptual Design Study to provide the basis for decision making for a European Food Manufacturing Research Infrastructure.
Project Manager: Evelina Tibäck, Lilia Ahrné

Tasty and healthy sour-dough breads and new energy-efficient technology
Project Manager: Birgitta Raaholt

Mechanical properties of vegetable materials
Project Manager: Evelina Tibäck

DynaMat – Dynamic best-before-date for reduced food losses
Project manager: Elisabeth Borch

Active ageing – individually designed meal solutions for increased health and well-being among elderly
Project manager: Emma Holtz

New extruder technology for laminating cereal based foods
Project manager: Camilla Öhgren

Tasty and healthy bake-off sourdough bread, baked with innovative technologies
Project manager: Birgitta Raaholt

PhD ProjectsDrying kinetic of drops and agglomerates: analysis and modeling
PhD Student: Loredana Malafronte
Supervisor: Lilia Ahrné

Homogeneous dry mixing of powders
PhD Student: Pooja Shenoy
Supervisor: Lilia Ahrné

Formation of thin-layer, biopolymer structures for controlled barrier properties
PhD Student: Helene Andersson
Supervisor: Mats Stading

New methods for extensional rheology
PhD Student: Magda Nyström
Supervisor: Mats Stading

Sustainable and efficient production systems

Heat pumps in the dairy industry
Project Manager: Lars Hamberg

Energy-efficient baking using combined technologies – microwaves and infrared radiation
Project Manager: Birgitta Raaholt

Innovation against infection
Project Manager: Pernilla Arinder

PowTech ITN, Integrating Research training in particle & powder technology to deliver efficient products with high functionality
Project Manager: Lilia Ahrné

Fouling och cleaning
Project Manager: Lars Hamberg

PRESERF – Processing Raw Materials into Excellent and Sustainable End products while Remaining Fresh
Project Manager: Karin Östergren

Improved sustainability of decisions within fisheries management supported by Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Project Manager: Friederike Ziegler

SENSE – Harmonised Environmental Sustainability in the European Food Chain
Project Manager: Birgit Landquist

CANTogether – Crops and Animals Together
Project Manager: Christel Cederberg

FUSIONS – Food use for social innovation by optimizing waste prevention
Project Manager: Karin Östergren

WhiteFish – Automated and differentiated calculation of sustainability for cod and haddock products
Project Manager: Friederike Ziegler

Paths to a sustainable food sector
Project Manager: Ulf Sonesson

ECOefficient BIOdegradable Composite Advanced Packaging
Project Manager: Lilia Ahrné

Increased energy efficiency in the bakery industry
Project manager: Birgitta Raaholt

Foamed materials for packaging and absorbents based on forestry by-products
Project manager: Mats Stading

New foamed materials from forestry- and agricultural by-products
Project manager: Mats Stading

Fine- and bulk chemicals from micro algae and forestry residues
Project manager: Anna Ekman

Sustainable protein flows and –products in a life cycle perspective
Project manager: Ulf Sonesson

Services and favors – how can eco system services be included into farms sustainability work?
Project manager: Christel Cederberg

LEO/Enabling small to medium-sized oven technology producers to exploit innovative Low Energy Ovens
Project manager: Lilia Ahrné

Development of value-adding concepts for animal by-products
Project manager: Lars Hamberg

Sustainable & Healthy Development of sustainable processing technologies for converting byproducts into healthy, added value ingredients and food products
Project manager: Lina Svanberg

Consumers in a sustainable food value chain
Project managers: Tim Nielsen and Anne Normann

Spread of bacteria via hands and contact surfaces
Project manager: Pernilla Arinder

PhD Projects
Improved sustainability of decisions within fisheries management concerning selectivity supported by Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
PhD Student: Sara Hornborg
Supervisor: Friederike Ziegler

Cleaning Technology for High Temperature Food Processing
PhD Student: Carin Hagsten
Supervisor: Lars Hamberg, Johan Wiklund, Niklas Lorén